Articles AR-tuh-kleez n. The Greek god who protects all paper and printed documents stored within the Clouds around Mt. Olympus.
Thanks to the power of Articles, I never have to worry about Titans wiping out my important documents.
by DrD4zzl3 June 4, 2012
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1. A wench or exceedingly attractive woman for whatever reason.
2. A hell of a good goer (sexual).
3. A fancy piece of clothing.
1. She sure is a prime article wearing that red skirt isn't she!
2. Owing to innate sexual prowess and skill with her tongue Leslie was article of the year in my book after last night, that's for god-damned sure.
3. She jumped on top, then slowly peeled off her frilled pink panties and stuffed the soaking article in my waiting open mouth.
by postertheif January 27, 2020
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Quite possibly the most insane copyright measures to be conceived, Article 13 would pretty much kill fair use and all manner of other copyright exceptions on the internet while making it so that you need to buy individual licenses for all copyrighted materials you want to feature in your works, whereas Article 11 would institute a link tax that would require you to pay just that in order to link news articles, or pretty much any other kind of article or page. These measures which are being pushed in the EU parliament will thoroughly cripple the internet if they go into effect, which could happen in 2021 if not enough people tell the EU to reject them in a final vote early next year. Don't think just because you're not in the EU that you won't be affected by these measures, given how broadly and incompetently they have been constructed. It's also not helped that they're next to impossible to enforce, and could lead to internet companies operating in the EU to withdraw from there, including and surely not limited to Urban Dictionary. Live within the EU? Get under your MP's skin and demand they oppose them. Not in the EU? Spread the word as far as you can.
Article 13/Article 11 in action:

*posts a meme image containing a car, some copyrighted shirts, and various buildings and fixtures*

*image gets banned*

*Sorry, but this image cannot be allowed unless you buy dozens of licenses for everything contained within it.*
by AVeryBigDeal November 12, 2018
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When the EU obtains Thanos's infinity gauntlet and erased half of memes from existance.
hEy jiMmY dId ya hEaR arTiCle 13 jUsT paSsEd!
by G4m3rG1rl March 27, 2019
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The result when all the politicians are 50+ years old and decide how to control the internet
by Oseoduem April 18, 2019
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