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noun, a person who is smart in some things and retarded in others
a smartard may be very good in school however have no common sense
by Bart Roskoski August 28, 2008
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A person so smart that they are actually retarded.
did you hear him talking about how cartoons are more believable than movies because they are obvious lies? That guy is a complete smartard.
by Guitarguy99 February 23, 2011
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an animal (people are also animals) that finds new and innovative ways to be a dumbass as a direct result of their intelligence...
J.D. on Scrubs is a smartard... For example, in one episode, J.D. tells Turk that his beau Carla's middle name is Juanita... Carla gets angry at Turk for not knowing her middle name; Turk gets angry at J.D. for being a smartard...
by Jhonny J. Blaze October 02, 2007
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