An offensive term for a bosniak during the Yugoslav wars (due to Bosnia's similar religion to Turkey).
lets commit a war crime against those turks
by General Serb Nationalist April 26, 2023
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The last name of the character in the tv-show scrubs, Donald Faison is starring as Dr. Christopher Turk.
His "Scrubs" co-stars refer to him as "that guy from Clueless."
Turk is Donald Faison's last name in the tv-show scrubs
by Godmotha August 23, 2006
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An adjective referring to someone who is extremely brave. It is a common slang term used in some parts of West Coast. This term is derived from the name of a tribe, turks, which ruled asia and europe between 1400s and 1800s(the USA of old ages)
You're not going to find any other quarterback that has the combination of bravery, size, speed and the accuracy he has with his arm. He is a real strong and a turk QB . He is Daunte Culpepper.
by berryinaspin July 21, 2005
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The someone who loves the society and the homeland so much the that he/she can sacrifice his/her self for them. Turk is the person who carries this spirit. It is the spirit of Turkishness to love the community and to contribute to the welfare of the society. People of all races, religions and genders may be included in the Turkish nation by adopting this spirit. This tradition is a heritage from the life of nomadism and clan.
For the Turks the "state" is sacred as long as it represents the nation and the homeland. Obeying laws of the state is obeying will of the Nation.
Everybody can be accepted as a Turk if they love their Society
by The Truth of Lide April 6, 2017
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Bravest people on earth, who were never o taken down or beaten by any nation on the battle field...Check your local library.
1914-1915 Gallipoli Turk
by cenktheturk kara October 20, 2008
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Good-Looking, Intelligent and Impressive
Sadiq Adnan the prime example of a Turk.
by yesthisisright April 26, 2011
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Describes aggressive requests & hounding behavior in video chatrooms to a female chatter. A Turk can usually be discovered through their persistent use of the phrase "open bobbs!" (sic.) as a command to female cammers.

Turks are always unsucessfull at getting girls naked, however this does not stop them from becoming more persistent and more aggressive, until they are kicked from a room.

See White Knights and Cock Blocking for related behavior.
John: "Come on Susie, show us your boobs!"
Steve: "John, you're such a turk."
by n0b0dy September 17, 2012
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