Two definitions:

- someone who shows off masculinity by being cocky, showing off, overly confident to overcompensate their 4.2 inch fully erect dick.

- rounding your dick size 2-4 inches up.
Example 1: "Liam has a lifted truck, wears tapout, works out and acts HARD (douchebag) to overcompensate the fact he has a micropenis and can only please a girl in bed with his tongue"

Example 2: telling a girl that you have a 6 inch penis when in reality you have a 4.2 inch dick.

Small dick energy right there.
by Loltehjew September 17, 2018
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When a member of the male species is a complete dickface to girls/people in general to compensate for his complete lack in size of penis. He often likes to consider himself a womanzier.
1) James Finch.

2) "Wow, what a douche. I think you might have small dick syndrome!"
by LOlolwtfbbq June 4, 2010
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when a guy is feeling shy or off. may also include feeling weird or awkward.
dude: yo, man. that girl keeps eyeballing you. go gets them digits, son!

other dude: naw, man. kinda having a small dick day. she's all you.
by billy hotdogs January 30, 2010
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When someone displays unattractive qualities like: toxic masculinity, cowardice, aggressiveness and other pitiful behavior.
For example: Insecure psychopath non-alpha male Leo Dottavio from the bachelorette reeks of small dick energy.
by Bachelorbabe August 29, 2018
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Emissions of toxic masculinity leaked from the bruised egos of micropenis hosts. (SDE)
Andrew Tate has a serious case of Small Dick Energy.
by SarcasticScout December 29, 2022
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Man with oversized ego and a constant need to harass teenage girls
Andrew brags to teenage girl, Gretha about his 33 cars to compensate for his small penis, also known as small dick energy. Gretha does a mike drop and Andrew gets arrested
by big pussy energy December 30, 2022
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Someone with such a small penis he couldn’t find it, even if he was going to use it to pee up your ass if your guts were on fire.
Dude, I’d help put the fire out, but I’m a Small Dicked Bliss!
by Cold Madina April 16, 2019
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