The name of one who usually has no balls
"wow that's Tom's small dick"

"Tom tried masturbation but couldn't find his dick"
by 69dicklove69 June 18, 2014
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People with small dick energy carry themselves like they have a really embarrassing secret that they're terrified of other people knowing. They often spend lots of time and energy trying to project a sense of confidence that rings hollow.

It has nothing to do with actual dick size and everything to do with an inability to respect and be at peace with yourself regardless of what other people think of you.
John wouldn't project such small dick energy if he could just take some time to relax, be at peace with himself, realize where his worth really comes from, and stop caring so much about other people's opinions.
by turaligo January 13, 2022
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Small Dick Energy is cockiness without skill. It is the sexual equivilent of writing a check of $10k to show off knowing you don't have it in the bank account.
Rice Gum's brags about his genital length but it actually 5.3cms long. Its small dick energy corrupts all it touches. So only tissues, his hands and his friends biscuits.
by Armie Hammer July 11, 2018
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When someone has a small dick and tries to compensate with a massive ego
Man Rico is such an asshole, he has small dick energy
by GusTheGhoul3000 October 1, 2019
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When a man goes out of his way to assert his superiority by trash talking anyone sees as a threat. Typically, everyone is seen as a threat to this weak minded, insecure, pathetic person. One can only draw the conclusion that the insecurity comes from having a teeny tiny dick.

Most likely has no idea that everyone around him sees him as a joke, believes nothing he says, and couldn’t care less about his opinion.
Wow, he really needs to tone down that small dick energy before someone hurts his feelings.

Don’t worry, his attitude has nothing to do with you, it’s his small dick energy.
by Mustsucktobeyou November 27, 2020
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inappropriately venting negative emotions in scenarios in which one with an average penis length would easily handle
A condition of most eighth graders and many nineth graders small dick syndrome is incurable: you either have good dick genes or weak dominant dick genes

The desire to frequently masturbate will increase with small dick syndrome as there is almost zero chance of sexual experience. If there is a first it will be the last as word will spread rapidly
by Kim Laughs January 24, 2013
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Fragile masculinity/inflated ego. Does NOT require having a small dick, either. Homeboy could be absolutely hung and still emit SDE.
Wow, that dude belittling men who like to be pegged is totally giving off Small Dick Energy right now.
by BigTiddyGothMullet January 13, 2021
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