A Dick 5" or less with no gerth.
You know it is just too damn small, because no matter how hard, or long you ride it, or how wet you are you can not get off, and he already came four times.
Girl#1:Did he have a small Dick?
Girl#2: Yeah it was small, I could feel it, but barely, and it didn't hit any of the right spots to make me cum girl."
Girl#1:"Definitely don't see him again ."
by DeathByLoveX March 3, 2018
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A person who is not really good at being a jerk or dick
Dude your like a small dick your too nice
by Bod23 May 14, 2019
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Having this makes you genetically inferior
Some chick "I was molested when I was 13..."

Iam "I'm sorry that happened to...."

The same dumb whore "And what men need to realize is that most men have small dicks and that shit is not good!"

Hym "OHO! Immediately feel less bad for you! In one fell swoop you reduced my sympathy for you from like and 8 to like a .5"

Iam "I'm... He doesn't mean that..."

Hym "Shit, I haven't raped anyone and, therefore, bare none of the guilt for that action. Literally 0 people. But my sympathy is already almost non-existent and you had it and then lost it."

Iam "Why... Why would you say that?"

Hym "Why would SHE say that!? My dick is bigger than hers isn't it? That's the metric she's using for good vs bad. I'll use the same metric. Her dick is too small for a crime that I didn't commit to matter to me..."

Iam "Come one..."

Hym "How does that sound? Does it sound good?"
by Hym Iam April 18, 2022
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