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Basically the same as eyeballin. To look at something with extreme interest.

Also, the act of eyeballing something is to measure or weigh something without any tools.
(Not necessarily refering to anything illegal or obscene)
"Dude! You see those chicks eyeballing your ride?"

"Lemmie see. I'm eyeballing it. Looks like 4 1/2 feet from sofa to wall....where's my tape measure? Yep, it'll fit!"
by Tim?!? April 08, 2006
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The act of rolling ur window down in an automobile to eye-level and awkwardly staring at the person next to you at a stoplight. Must be done on a vehical with very dark tint so the person your staring at can not see your face, only your eyes. Advanced eyeballers will do this while driving and passengers may frequently partially open there doors while moving and eyeball people behind you. Originated from Wilson off Tool Time first original eyeballer. Discovered by 2 kids out of Fruit Cove, Florida. Trend is now sweeping all over.
Hey Matt, whats that person looking at over there in that car?

Oh nothing your just getting eyeballed the fuck out of right now.

Oh ya, eyeballing, I hate those kids who do that with there loud trucks, dark tint, and ruthless palatka leans
by ninezerofour September 13, 2011
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simotaniously cum into a female's eyes making her temporarily blind, spin her around and then make her kneel and cock slap her repeatedly from different angles and places.
"try eyeballing a girl it's extremely hilarious."
by blumpkin10$ August 17, 2009
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taking a bottle of vodka or any type of beer in a bottle and holding over ones eye creating the alc. to get to the brain faster and makeing u drunk fasterr and can completly pass a breathalizer .
yo guys lets drinkk

nahh chill were guna go eyeballingg
by Chammppp July 14, 2011
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Eyeballing (infinitive verb) refers to an erotic act of one person licking another person's eyeball. This act does not derive its erotic nature from any actual connection to a sexual organ or classically sexual act. It is only sexually arousing to people with a fetish for tongues, eyeballs, licking, or any combination of them. It was first discovered in Japan, where pornography laws arguably force creative forms of "erotic art" by not easily allowing the depiction of sexual organs.
Guy #1: Dude, you have to come see this website!
Guy #2: Why is that Japanese girl licking the other girl's eye?
Guy #1: That's called eyeballing, it's the latest thing. It gets people off.
by pierze May 28, 2008
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Putting Alcohol into the eye to not get caught drinking and driving or for pleasure
I wanted beer but I was driving home so I poured some alcohol in my eye so if I got pulled over the police wouldn't know I was. drinking and driving. This is eyeballing
by dillan_is_alex_jones December 03, 2017
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