A human atomic bomb.

Usually in the form of a sneak jump attack.
He stole my spot on the couch!

So fatman him.
by lanners January 8, 2011
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a fat dump who incessantly eats wings until he sweats his bald ass head to a shine and drinks so damn much that he embarasses anyone who tries to compete with him. hes the best at everything there ever was: hes got the shot of kobe, feet of pele, arm of peyton manning, and swing of bonds. FTFM.
Who the hell is that bald fuck over there? Oh wait, its just the fuckin' fatman.
by Crygel Carpentears December 1, 2006
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Simple, a guy who is fat.
Stu: "Sup fatman?"
Jake: "Not much."
Stu: "Mate, lose some of that flab!"
Jake: "No it keeps me warm!"
by duckrat October 4, 2006
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The fat dude wiv the batman mask and the dildo out of Fat Pizza.
Paulie: "OMG!!It's that stooge FATMAN!!!"
Bobo: "He stole my pizza's get him!!"
Paulie "orright, il bash that stooge if when we get back, we disscuss my payrise!!"
Bobo: "Ok, go!!"
Paulie leaves
Bobo: "hehe, payrise, he falls for the same trick every year!!"
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*The codename for the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945.

*The man of a character in MGS2; he's basically a fat-ass albino in a thick, highly-advanced EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), and is armed with an infinite quantity of C4's and a Glock 18. He looks and sounds like he could be a mafioso criminal or something......given his weight, he'd be more like a crimelord.
"Laugh and grow fat!"
by Dave May 25, 2004
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Someone who has had fatman dropped on them
Little girl: why does that guy look so ugly and sad.
Dad: He must be fatmanic
by Peter Pan1217 September 1, 2017
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When a teenaged female burps so loud it resembles the burp of a man who just ate 20 hot dogs.
Ash: buuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppp!

Charlene: Oh Ash come on you're a young lady you shouldn't be burping like that.

Quintin: Yeah Ash, that was a fatman belch.
by lil fuzzy July 25, 2009
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