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1.When a woman has sex with a series of men, one after another.
2. When a woman performs oral sex with one man while receiving doggie-style sex from another man.
Polly Perkins was caught pulling a train with Rick Von Sloneker and his friends.
by ChicaDificil March 16, 2006
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To be the willing recipient of a sex act from a series of people (sometimes anonymously).
Janet pulled a train at the party in the back bedroom when she fucked a dozen guys; or, Henry sucked off everyone at the club in the men's room because he always fantasized about pulling a train.
by Schleven September 20, 2018
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A form of gay sex. When a gay man receives anal sex from multiple partners in succession. Sometimes performed anonymously, with the recipient blindfolded.
Steve was pulling a train last night and I can't believe that Larry wanted to be the caboose.
by kryvj December 20, 2010
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