Slunks are underage calves trailing afterbirths and bacteria, generally in unsanitary and unfit condition. A calf may not be sold as food until it reaches a minimum age of six weeks. Prior to that time it is classified as a slunk.
Slunk trafficking is subject to a heavy penalty.
by Danny Valentine November 29, 2010
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1. when you're so tired from working that only one beer gives you a buzz.

2. working so long that you have a buzz for no reason.
Alex was so slunk, his beer wasn't even open yet and he couldn't walk straight.
by irysh9 November 01, 2013
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A fat, underdeveloped fetus that slinks about, blowjob-raping unfortunate individuals at parties, and which is unable to contain its massive tongue within its gaping maw, and bears a horrifying midriff of doom.
The slunk slinked up to the drunken college boy, cornering him, and descended upon his inebriated body.
by T.P. June 07, 2004
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To be 'in a slunk' is a phrase meaning to be in a state between being drunk and asleep.
''Hey man, last night was great right?''
''I can't remember, I was in a slunk for most of it.''
by TheHardyViper June 28, 2013
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A. Past-participle of Slink, a verb meaning, "to move in a sneaky manner".
B. A slutty/seductive hominid female. So called because such females have a tendency to "slink" into the pants of hominid males.
C. A species of creature commonly connected to avant-garde musician Brian Carrol, alias "Buckethead". It is speculated that the slunk may be an odd cross between an Aardvark and a Chicken, though how this phenomenon of breeding came to be is unknown. Another theory suggests that the slunks may be homicidal robots.
I slunk about the corner. (A)

Watch out for that slunk. She's jailbait from head to toe. (B)

Look at that! A slunk! Do you know how lucky we are to have seen one of them? (C)
by Bucketbot #13 July 04, 2010
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A cross between a chicken chunk and a chicken slab. Crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside. Natural and nutritious. Adored by three wonderful GW students, sold at local Asian-flavored establishments in the Washington Metropolitan area. Loved by all, shuned by none. A truly deletable poultry piece.
Sizzing Express- Chicken Chunks
Galleria- Chicken Slabs
What will be formed soon once a poultry revolution is begun..THE SLUNK
by Anonymous GW Students March 06, 2006
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