Slunks are underage calves trailing afterbirths and bacteria, generally in unsanitary and unfit condition. A calf may not be sold as food until it reaches a minimum age of six weeks. Prior to that time it is classified as a slunk.
Slunk trafficking is subject to a heavy penalty.
by Danny Valentine November 29, 2010
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1. when you're so tired from working that only one beer gives you a buzz.

2. working so long that you have a buzz for no reason.
Alex was so slunk, his beer wasn't even open yet and he couldn't walk straight.
by irysh9 November 01, 2013
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A fat, underdeveloped fetus that slinks about, blowjob-raping unfortunate individuals at parties, and which is unable to contain its massive tongue within its gaping maw, and bears a horrifying midriff of doom.
The slunk slinked up to the drunken college boy, cornering him, and descended upon his inebriated body.
by T.P. June 07, 2004
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A. Past-participle of Slink, a verb meaning, "to move in a sneaky manner".
B. A slutty/seductive hominid female. So called because such females have a tendency to "slink" into the pants of hominid males.
C. A species of creature commonly connected to avant-garde musician Brian Carrol, alias "Buckethead". It is speculated that the slunk may be an odd cross between an Aardvark and a Chicken, though how this phenomenon of breeding came to be is unknown. Another theory suggests that the slunks may be homicidal robots.
I slunk about the corner. (A)

Watch out for that slunk. She's jailbait from head to toe. (B)

Look at that! A slunk! Do you know how lucky we are to have seen one of them? (C)
by Bucketbot #13 July 04, 2010
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To be 'in a slunk' is a phrase meaning to be in a state between being drunk and asleep.
''Hey man, last night was great right?''
''I can't remember, I was in a slunk for most of it.''
by TheHardyViper June 28, 2013
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A large carnivorous land mammal often described as a radioactive trash gorilla. Most commonly known for eating anything that most normal humans couldn't and being prone to fits of sloth like rage. Its main diet consists of Luke warm spam and fleeing cockroaches.
"Yo you know that Slunk that lives under the bridge?"
"Oh yeah, you mean Tony. I know that dude. I saw him eat a live cat once!"
by WopBottom October 27, 2016
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