1)The act of giving of yourself to help others. Often followed by a rush of happiness at knowing you've made a difference, but sometimes frustration occurs at going unappreciated or unacknowledged.
However, many people volunteer tirelessly anyway, not wanting or needing any validation or applause for what they do.
2)What many high school students are forced into doing in order to graduate. (In many schools you must log a certain number of volunteer hours to recieve your diploma.)
1)-"Where were you Saturday?"
-"I was volunteering... tutoring little kids in math."
-"Wasn't it lame?"
-"Not really. They even sorta looked up to me. It was cool."
-"Okay then..."

2) She was volunteering at the library every weekend to log enough community service hours to graduate.
by andriod5 October 4, 2005
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people volunteer at church, school or community for many reasons: mostly because they want to help and be involved, but there are other reasons, too.
In some areas, like school and church, there's a significant social pressure to volunteer, it's frowned upon not to do it. So some people do it for that reason - just to keep or gain a good reputation. Some schools require their student's parents to volunteer a certain amount of hours or to pay additional tuition.

Other people volunteer to meet new people, like after relocating from another city.
People volunteer, because they feel the obligation to do it, or the passion.
Others again volunteer to fill a void in their lifes.
There are many reasons to volunteer, and many ways to do so.
People here look strange at you, if you don't volunteer in some way.

Volunteering is fun. You can help others and meet new interesting people at the same time.

I'm divorced and my children are grown up and live on the other side of the country. So I volunteer to have something to do.
by Sunny1 February 5, 2007
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An activity motivated by one's own enthusiasm and passion. It can be something that lasts a few minutes or a lifetime, but importantly always involves an individual interacting with the people around them (online or offline).
Wow, that website Urban Dictionary has developed thanks to the enthusiastic acts of many, many people volunteering their time- some great, some not so great.
by Jo Snow October 17, 2006
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Something stupid people do to feel better about themselves due to chronic low self-esteem problems as well as religious idiocy.
Mary is an idiot for volunteering because she could be sleeping or getting paid, or doing both at the same time.
by Andy January 27, 2005
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Someone who helps to do work without pay.
If the volunteers at urban dictionary don't fucking post this they deserve to die in a hole.
by Brade-steed January 23, 2018
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Attorney: if you don't want to go on probation, you had better get your 24 hours of volunteering done. I recommend seniors and the latino employment fair.
by CAMOBLACKICEXXXXX September 8, 2009
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What happens to you when your boss forces you to volunteer for something
"I hate my job. My boss totally volunteered me to do the budget"
by ScottG April 11, 2007
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