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Loud bass on your misic; when your beats is all the way up an the bass makes the rear veiw mirrors vibrate and shit falls down.
Nigga was playin Chamillionaire, his beats was slumpin.
by Whodat March 06, 2005
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Getting drunk, faded, etc for 12 or more hours straight.

Example : Started drinking at 5 pm..still going strong at five in the morning.
1) Tom, Dick, and Harry been going hard all night, and by the time the afternoon comes around. . They be straight slumpin'.

2) "These bitches obviously been slumpin' for the days , cuz they be blowing up my phone!"
by boshanky August 23, 2014
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low down and funky, but knee deep enough to ride to.
slumpin' beats and phat tracks as we spin da wax...
by Boomer December 09, 1999
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When you are on a sport boat that has water balists filled up to creat a wake to surf on. The boat appears to be sinking and lays low in the water its "slumpin"
We were at the lake slumpin and surfing all weekend long.
by Willber DCC November 05, 2010
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sumtin but bigger or more of it.
I got i lil sumpin slumpin up my sleeve
translation: i got some thing big up my sleeve
by DA DA March 18, 2004
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