He has a really good flow and really good raps and beats. Very Underrated rapper. Check out his album the ultimate victory its amazing. He is also pretty original.
Chamillionaire - The Ultimate Victory is really good
by Da Prophet92 August 27, 2008
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chamillionaire aka King Koopa part of the "color changin click" one of the best underground rappers in Texas
yall got that new paul wall and chamillionaire album "Get Ya Mind Correct" ?

check out www.chamillionaire.com for info. on some of the best rappers in Texas .
by monique November 14, 2003
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The hardest rapper in da south right now
Chamillionaire goes hard
by jdogg July 22, 2003
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Chamillionaire is the greatest he is the future in hip hop.All about staken ends, my kind of nigga
"you know that feeling when your in love what do you call it? I Dont know, i only feel like that when I onpe my wallet." Masia aka KING KOOPA
by Gino Escobedo October 7, 2003
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First of all, all of you people saying that Chamillionaire is another crappy mainstream rapper who talks about nothing but sex, drugs, and women are wrong. Just pick up Ultimate Victory (his second album) and listen to The Morning News and The Evening News. Both of them are very good songs. Chamillionaire's exact words : "Hip hop, crunk music, hyphie music, snap music. Sounds like a nursery rhyme, get a beat and rap to it. Ain't speaking with a purpose, ima call it crap music."
You can tell by these lyrics that Chamillionaire is opposed to people that get up there and rap about bullshit. Also, the last thing he says on the song The Morning News is "Silly rappers think I'm worried about a punch line, I show more purpose than your whole career in one line". Chamillionaire is one of the most talented rappers in my opinion. Shit talkers have probably only heard his two hits, Ridin dirty and Turn it Up, and they think that all he does is rap about bullshit. Well listen to his CD's there is a purpose to almost all of his songs that I have heard. And his second CD, Ultimate Victory, is a statement. He purposely did not curse or use the N word. He did this to show that you dont need to curse or be vulgar to make a good rap album. So haters, please explain to me how Chamillionaire is the type of rapper that is ruining rap?? Go ahead try it.
Chamillionaire is one of the most versatile and talented rappers today. I put him in a class with Kanye West, Common, and a few others. He is one of my favorites and people who think he is the type of rapper that is ruining rap are either complete idiots or have not listened to enough of his music.
by PhillyzFinest March 5, 2008
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