When an individual takes way too long to accomplish anything.
"Yo dude, that girl was totally in to you, but you were slow dancing so I took her home!"

"This hangover is killing me, I've been slow dancing all day!"
by roly76 November 24, 2009
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When you walk into someone on the sidewalk or in the hallway and when you try to get past, they go in the same direction as you. Named because it looks as if the two people are dancing together.
I'm sorry I'm late, but I was caught slow-dancing with some loser in the hallway.

Nothing is more annoying than having to slow-dance with some random guy when you're in a hurry.
by O Remus January 27, 2011
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A close-contact dance between a male and female that most often leads to something more.
Jane: So Kelly and Jordan were doing a slow dance that night?

Sam: Yeah, they were practically joined to the hip all night! I saw them sneaking outside together afterwards.
by Mint Julep August 15, 2009
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slow dancing is hard
slow dancing is easy
you close your eyes (some people cannot keep them shut)
you agree to adapt your energy to your dancing partner
slow dancing is good
slow dancing is a teacher
how evolved is your slowness
can you sacrifice some speed
"we were on the beach and i asked him to slow dance with me to the sound of crashing waves."
by El Sa El June 24, 2019
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When your penis is half hard, not too stiff and not to floppy. Perfect for smacking your girlfriend or wife in the face while she's sleeping.
"Hey bro, last night I got a slow-dance chubby and smacked Laura in the face."

"Bro that's funny as hell right on."
by Oruganaconga December 21, 2016
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A boy and girl highschooler holding each other close and swaying slowly back and forth.
Prom was fun. but i was hoping for more exciting dancing. there was nothing but the typicall highschool slow dance.
by LordArcher January 24, 2007
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girl: i like you
boy: i like you too
girl:quit poking me
boy: i gota slow dance chubby
by concrete cowboy May 14, 2006
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