Usually as the result of an acute onset of needing to shit while out in public, you desparately manage to find the nearest public restroom. You don't have time to fiddle with putting down the toliet paper so you employ the hover method. Unaware, you have developed a bad case of diarrhea since your last crap. Needless to say, you leave a messy situation for the next person to contend with, that is know as a Sloppy Joe.
Dayum, you should have seen the Sloppy Joe I left on the toliet seat at that Japanese restraunt the other night.
by Perv Johnson October 01, 2010
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A white guy, who is the object of a Japanese girl’s affection.
Yuki landed the Sloppy Joe of her dreams.
by Josh1y April 06, 2020
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When someone is taking a shit and you rip them off of the toilet and violently fuck them in the ass.
Brenda doesn't shit in public anymore ever since she got a sloppy joe at the Dairy Queen.
by Monsterbeck40 July 30, 2015
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When you are having sex doggy style, pull out and accidentally cum on the dog.
by Tessalal November 25, 2011
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You take ground beef, cook it let it cool down
And either give your bf a handy J or finger bang your girl
Dave: Dude my dick still greasy from that Sloppy Joe
Mark: Dude speakin of the Devil I gave my girl a Sloppy Joe
by BigDickJoe8=====D April 15, 2015
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To shit on ones vagina, then follow it immediately with a thrusting of a penis, successfully pounding the fecies into the woman. Then, to seal the deal, one must feast on and eat out the entire raging poopy vagina with constant tounge action.
She fed me the best Sloppy Joe of my entire life, and it tasted amazing!
by Dan Bruce July 30, 2005
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When your homie eats your ass *unwiped* after taking a shit
"Dude, Colin gave me a moist sloppy joe this morning"
by rat handler November 02, 2020
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