A sexual act, in which the male shits inside of a condom, then lets it harden in the freezer before having sex. When the female approaches orgasm, he takes it from the freezer and fucks her with it until she passes out. While asleep, the female is not aware that the male has left the condom in and, as it thaws, shit comes pulsing out from between her pussylips like sloppy joe sauce.
I heard you gave your girlfriend a sloppy joe... and AIDs.
by Styxhexenhammer August 28, 2009
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When you shit inside a condom and hit yo bitch upside the head with it.
Jamal: "Hey shaniqua why yo eye all blak n blue n shit"

Shaniqua: "My boyfriend just hit me upside the head with a sloppy joe"
by Warrio Dunken September 20, 2009
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When a girl is on her period, she poops without wiping. Then the guy has anal sex with the girl, and then takes his poop covered penis and sticks it into the girl's vagina. The poop and blood mix to form a red meat-looking substance. The guy then eats it out of the girl, the vaginal lips being like the buns.
by the really real master January 03, 2011
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When one person shits in between the ass cheeks of another. Then mushes the ass cheeks together.
by Webby-BIG C June 20, 2010
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when two people have anal sex while one is constipated
guy #1: Fuck i made a mistake last night

guy #2: what happened?

guy #1: i had a sloppy joe last night

guy #2: wow you have some really bad luck
by Baron A June 03, 2010
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vomiting on a dick while giving head

Background: Malcolm
My dick is so big, whenever a gurl gives me head, she does a sloppy joe
by Malcolm July 02, 2004
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