Last night a dude asked me to suck his dick, but I told him no because he's got a sloppy-joe.
by Twitch1 January 14, 2012
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When your crippling orgasm has a little feces added to the mix.
by WillyOmNom December 04, 2018
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At SUNY Maritime, we have a tradition of Mugs giving each other a "Sloppy Joe." A "Sloppy Joe" is the act of rubbing and tugging until you get some baby batter in your hand. Walk up to a friend or foe and give them an old slap in the face with your baby juice. To make it extra sloppy, rub your hands together and get your protein shake extra tacky.
I saw a MUG in the engine room give another MUG a Sloppy Joe. Hope he enjoys salty treats.
by DomerDDoijiojoij September 15, 2017
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When in the 69 position the male is on top driving his penis into the womans mouth as he slowly pushes out a shit so that it drops on her face
Wow babe you really cleaned up nice after that sloppy joe I gave you
by T-Ben June 24, 2009
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Elseroad managed to skate past every major activity in the work center and still get an extra day off and now owes everyone a sloppy joe.
by JHLmao September 20, 2016
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When you drop a deuce and your significant other uses the feces as lubricant to jack you off.
Mike, "Hey bro how was last night with Sally?"
Tom , "She tried to give me a sloppy joe but the stank of my dank made me go limp."
Mike, " Ya'll nasty as hell."
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by Timmy 5 cocks December 27, 2016
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