Abbreviation for French Kiss without realising what it sounds like
Or the other way around
Informatics sucks

Yeah fk informatics

Wait what did you say???
by these_nuts69 May 3, 2022
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i got to fk that hot chick!
by John December 19, 2004
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Hang with friends, do something fun, adventure
Bro we should fk this weekend i’ve been so bored
by john_bentlyfishing October 4, 2019
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its short for "Fuck you" dumbass mother fucking hoes these days...
by s January 29, 2005
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Short for the term fuck commonly used in IRC
Fk u u fkn fgt fk.
by Urban Dictionary October 30, 2002
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Abbreviation for fck or fuck. Because fck got censored in Maplestory.
Why the fk did Nexon censor ***?
Fk Nexon.
Who the fk plays Maplestory?
In the old days we could've said ***.
by TellaMyBella June 13, 2012
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Foreign Keyboard Syndrome. The feeling one gets from using a keyboard that is not similar to theirs.
Guy 1: "Why are you typing so slow?"
Guy 2: "Dude, it's FKS!"
by WeaselII March 11, 2009
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