breakdancing A set of poping or locking manuvers in which a person moves around a space without lifting up their feet. Usually mimics robotic movement. Popularized by Michael Jackson's "Moon Walk," however there are many contemporary variations.
Johhny's slides were ill; it looked like he was standing still and the room moved around him.
by Brian Williams February 05, 2005
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when a guy does drugs after he comes out of rehab
man he just wont stop slidin
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
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A Dance some extremely hyped up kid on ridaline performed while waiting in line for the Millennium Force Rollercoaster at Cedar Point, at the bequest DJ “it’s my line” idiot Kid. The dance managed to test the very last nerve of the persons directly behind this profound mentally retarded person, almost to the point where they were going to throw him over the fence in front of the coaster as screamed by, hopefully ending his tortured existence and bringing peace and harmony to the universe.
Look at that idiot, he's doing the "slide" dance.
by Paul Masaryk July 16, 2007
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term used to describe the act of making out, preferably while under the influence at a party or the after-party (or the hotel lobby). this term is ALSO a reference to the penguin that says "slide" in Fight Club, which somehow relates it to the penguin in Billy Madison.
i got my slide on with some chick at the party last night.
by rizosh July 15, 2001
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noun, circa 1900, USA ... in use from the turn of the century to the beginning of Prohibition; a lower class Bowery urban type saloon-dance hall-tavern catering to gamblers, con-artists, pick pockets, prostitutes, women of easy virture, homosexual pansies and the like. A place one would go slumming for a good time. An urbanized version of the Wild West Saloon, but seedier, a dive or joint. Fun, like a ride down a slide in a children's playground.
We always pinned our money to the inside of our knickers; that slide was full of classy dips and burglers.
by Frankie & Johnny April 08, 2005
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Part of the action of an automatic loading handgun.
The cop pulled back the slide to see if there was one in the chamber.
by bellman December 24, 2004
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