He Is a really good and loyal guy.You can talk to him about anything.Alot of girls Is attracted to him.He Is Really Funny And is So Talented.He Likes to spoil His Girl with alot of goods.Everybody likes him he is Really just a perfect guy.You can talk about anything to him.
I want a guy that is good like Trevon.
by JakeStrong38 January 10, 2018
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That black dude in your class that always seems to make you laugh, even if it's something like him getting hit. He is the meme Lord of your grade
Classmate: Did you see what Trevon did today
Classmate: yeah that was funny
by BigPP09 March 2, 2019
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Trevon is the most funniest careing cute nicest friend you will know I know him as my broski he is my ride or die I cant get enough enough of him he makes me so happy and wont let me down ik hes here for me even when I'm mad at him he makes me so happy u don't even know hoe much a great bsf he is and hes so nice and cute and everyone loves him even when he denies it I love my bestie to death and ima miss those days💍💗‼
Trevon is the best.
by Audio June 12, 2019
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Most amazing, genuine and loving person you’ll ever meet! Trevon is and will always be everything to me!

If you’re reading this now hope you know that I Love you Timothy♾💍

Ass. Oprah
He’s Trevon.

I wish I had a Trevon but he’s TAKEN.
by Cutie cutie01 August 6, 2021
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A person,, BOY
who looks like and Arab but is a mixed peron with PRETTY EYES and cute hair a person who smokes alot of weed. has alot of swag and all the girls love him he has HOES ON HIS DICK:)!
by Lil'tunechi C October 19, 2011
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A hot blonde, with blue eyes, and who's super chill and slays girls usually named Charlene! Funny and cool, likely to grow up to be famous
Damn son u must be a Trevon
by Slayed ur bitch May 13, 2016
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