Large, beautiful breasts that are keep well consealed and initially appear to be much smaller and less impressive than they actually are until unleashed.
I think Alicia may have some real sleepers.
by KABT October 26, 2007
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a terrifying movie featuring kevin bacon as the worlds scariest detention center guard
kid: What do you want?

kevin bacon: A blowjob. down on your knees.

if you want to not sleep at night, watch sleepers
by clevelandsteamer October 2, 2005
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(n) {Aust., N.Z.,} small hooped earrings of any alloy, the kind that snaps together to form a complete ring.
I bought a pair of new gold sleepers today.
by SatyrD August 14, 2005
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The term 'sleepers' is simply another word for 'pajamas'. Personally I think sleepers is a funnier phrase therefore I use it constantly.
My sleepers had a hole in them and you could see my butt.
by thekevin February 22, 2005
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A no-sleeper is the corporate equivalent to a no-hitter - a presentation in which nobody dozes off.
Kurt had a no-sleeper going until he got to the financing options slides - then he lost it. Badly.
by PsychoPuppyDad August 1, 2014
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Often reffering to what appears to be a ordinary looking stock commuter car that is anything but stock under the hood. Pretty much the exact opposite of your every day riced up civic.
My bone stock looking 1967 Volkswagen Beetle with a dual carbed, big bore and race head equiped engine gives quite the ego bashing when a ricer can't hold up to his own challenge at a light.
by VWtuner June 6, 2003
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Outwardly common looking item, that possesses something special or unique inside.
That boring looking car is a real sleeper with that big turbo hiding under the hood and nary a sticker or scoop to be seen anywhere on it.
by sageoneon March 7, 2003
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