A term used to explain when someone is talking behind someone's/your back.
I heard Emily slagging off Connie earlier.
by gryffinhuffleclaw December 02, 2015
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The phrase 'slag off' is used in many ways, meaning somebody has been talking about you badly to another person
Jenny was slagging you off yesterday, she said you were ugly. She slag off me all the time
by Lovelykitten007 September 25, 2015
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To verbally attack, using disparaging terms.

by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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Originates from Essex meaning when someone is chatting shit about you behind your back and obviously you confront them about it saying:
Person 1- apparently you've been slagging off jasmine

Person 2- says who? I can promise you now I ain't said one word about the girl.
by Versacesmother June 08, 2016
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a Northern England expression intended to rudely dismiss someone or rudely tell them to leave, go away, akin to * scram, get lost! "
So, after I boinked her, we were done but she wouldn't just leave, so I says to the tart " okay, now, well, slag-off!" and then she left in a huff.
by Billiemski LeWiglud June 21, 2020
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