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A person insulting you or another.
Slagged = insulted
Dave slagged me off behind my back
by Revolutionary July 05, 2003

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Man with an extremely small penis
by Revolutionary July 05, 2003

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Derogative term used for homosexual man. Cocoa refers to faeces (shit)
by Revolutionary July 05, 2003

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Pamela Des Barres (formerly Miller) was born in the right place at the right time. She came into the world as a California native, in the amazing 60's. She loved rock 'n' roll from the moment she saw Elvis Presly. After Elvis, she fell for Paul McCartney. After The Beatles, it was The Rolling Stones. Then a friend of hers introduced her to Captain Beefheart, the first real live "rock star" she ever met. She had fallen for rock stars, and, well wanted to please them. She got what she wanted. She slept with rockstars such as Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Noel Redding, and Mick Jagger, among others.

She had an all girl band, one of the first all girl rock bands, the GTO's. (GTO stood for many things, on of which is Girls Together Outrageosly)
Finally, she settled down with rocker Michael Des Barres. She soon after had a son, Nick Des Barres.
I'm With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie was her first tell-all book. She has written 3 other books, Take Another Little Piece of My Heart: A Groupie Grows Up, Rock Bottom: Dark Moments in Music Babylon and Carved in Rock.
Pamela Des Barres was a very stylish girl.
by ReVolutionary March 25, 2006

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