When two people in a long distance relationship get in a fight and resolve it by haveing screen chat sex. Aka Skype sex, these types of activities are typically only seen by poeple inhabiting the state of New Jersey.
My girlfriend is pissed because she punched some dude in the face and got punched back and i didnt call after... so now i gotta have makeup skype sex with her
by thetwombler January 29, 2011
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When someone is tired of only seeing words online and wants to see the person behind the computer.
Stud88: "Hey girl, I'd like to take this chat up a notch..."
SexyWon: "Oh yeah, what did you have in mind?"
Stud88: "I want to see what's behind that keyboard... Let's stop typing and start skyping!"
SexyWon: "Ooohhh baby, let's!"
by GlazeHer January 01, 2014
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A play on the old phrase, "Don't forget to write", but in a more modern context where technology replaces what would be done manually.
High-schooler: I can't believe summer is over.
His older brother: Yep, back to college for me!
High-schooler: Hey, don't forget to Skype.
His older brother: Will do, bro. Will do.
by Anonymous1337ness February 06, 2011
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Were you and a partner exchange showing yourself. Can be played as a game.
by Sheendinner January 17, 2012
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The lover of the Cohan. Seeks ways to solve problems using his mind. Loves drinking Coke and Beer. Great with Debates. He loves Kayla, Dev god, Lilly, Natasha, Alpha, Abby, Shelby, Reece, Lance, Zoria, Keven and most especially the Cohan!

His hobbies include: playing computer games, learning physics, and programming my sexuality.
Catch Mikey on Skype, how bout that?!@?!
by Meziel January 12, 2019
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