Were you and a partner exchange showing yourself. Can be played as a game.
by Sheendinner January 17, 2012
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A play on the old phrase, "Don't forget to write", but in a more modern context where technology replaces what would be done manually.
High-schooler: I can't believe summer is over.
His older brother: Yep, back to college for me!
High-schooler: Hey, don't forget to Skype.
His older brother: Will do, bro. Will do.
by Anonymous1337ness February 06, 2011
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When you have a "special" Skype call with the best friend of the opposite gender, usually not your boyfriend/girlfriend. In this special video chat, you guys have a conversation while masturbating in front of the other. You usually have your genitals showing and your hand in motion. The two people talk like they regularly would, but at the same time pleasure themselves. You don't talk about anything relating to what you are doing. Just have a regular convo. You do this to open up and become comfortable with someone. It is becoming more common, and is a great way to become closer with your best friend of the opposing gender.
Hey Bob, do you wanna wet skype?
Yeah sure! One sec let me get my d*ck out.

Hey how was your wet skype yesterday?
It was awesome! We both climaxed, nothing out of the ordinary though.
by SuperSocial December 22, 2013
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"You got skype" is a term used often by pedophiles or a man/woman trying to see someone else's body naked
"You Got Skype?" "You have skype i wanna see the tiny ass"
by DELREYFAMILY December 27, 2018
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Someone who is so unfortunate looking that they are unable to use the video option on Skype.
As Luke had his Skype video call rejected by his girlfriend at 6 a.m. on sunday morning, he realized he had become The Anti-Skype!
by furrycreature November 15, 2011
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