(n.) Same as phone sex, except that one must keep both hands on the keyboard. This indicates that one must use one's feet to masturbate, or learn to type with their toes. This leaves both hands free to grope yourself and someone else simultaneously. If fortune prevails, you could use the other hand to perform a rusty trombone or rusty trumpet on your favorite live sex partner while having chat sex with a third party.
STEVE42: Are you there, Bruce?
BRUCE69: Yes.
STEVE42: Let's have chat sex, OK?
BRUCE69: All right, man!
STEVE42: Let me find my big giant dildo, OK?
BRUCE69: OK. I'll just give your grandmother a rusty trumpet to pass the time, OK?
STEVE42: Sounds good.
BRUCE69: All right, my man! We're gonna get naked and nasty tonight!
by Rob Porter January 5, 2009
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All deh kewl ppl r dewin it! Lawl.
R u 4 sexes chat? Cuz deh crab alien iz gon nip yo ass if u pass up his sexes chat!
by Insomnia man March 21, 2007
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A way to ask someone for cyber sex. Usually used in this form for humor to make fun of those that actually DO have cyber sex.
by Mepy April 3, 2006
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