When someone skypes you after someone hung up on them just because you're available.
Lac Ta: "I was skyping Dunkey and Ernest Chao but it's over, do you want me to skype you now?"

You: "I hate secondhand skyping."
by JL1 February 19, 2014
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Any software that always hangs and crashes and stops functioning, just like Skype.
Your software is so Skype. Work on it's stability dude.
by farhadge July 29, 2021
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Skype is one of the horrible online video/audio/text chatting app/site
comparable to the black people of the online community
man 1: Hey man when we play CS lets talk on Skype
man 2: Don touch me faggot
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lmao who tf still use skype
yeah, my gf still uses skype
lmao has the retard not heard of discord?
by GIMSE October 16, 2018
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When the awesome Sky Strife (also know as Cloud and Light by Shem), pranks his friends using memes or whatever joke he has in his aresnal
by Sky stride December 06, 2021
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