Giving someone or recieving Skype info, and having a conversation or video chat once, only to never make contact on Skype again. Usually occurs late at night in cases of extreme bordem.
Tom: Bro, last night I had a one night Skype with Angelina.
Roger: Really? Did she show you anything?
Tom: No...
by Senor Pasteles January 23, 2011
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(n.) 1. A petty disagreement over a trivial matter that quickly escalates into a large battle, usually between two people or a small group 2. Petty infighting that quickly gets out of hand
Anita called Annie her best friend instead of Denise and now they're all having an epic violin/skype fight over it.
by dionysiseris January 11, 2011
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The sexual act of sitting on the toilet backwards placing a computer on the tank lid while shitting and masturbating to the person whom you are skyping with.
Homie, i just did a skype double blumpkin with this one hot broad last night!
by Los Muerto Diablos December 31, 2012
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21st century webcam-inspired variation of the ever popular phrase, "Catch ya later."
Donna: "I've gotta get going."
Allan: "Okay. Skype ya later."
Donna: "Please wear some clothes next time!"
by LoganWirth April 29, 2010
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A popular phrase in Austin with suspect Canadian origins. Often involves a young blonde man flinging traditionally prepared German schnitzel off of his penis into the mouth of a more senior partner kneeling 10-12 feet away. At the moment of ejaculation the boy is compelled to scream “Good morning Dad!” and the resulting meat scraps and semen are then cleaned up and consumed by both parties, family style. A morning activity, often performed on cobblestone streets in close proximity to work colleagues.
“I don’t usually come to breakfast since it’s the only time I can Skype my dad.”
by aglioolio July 04, 2016
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The act of one answering a skype call and releasing a loud and thunderous fart into the mic, then hangs up the call. This results in over the web pink eye.
I just have gotten pink eye from the Tennessee Skype Toot!
by Carl Weiner March 29, 2017
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When your talking with someone on skype and the person behind you keeps intruding in on your conversation, wandering over every couple of minutes to add in their two cents, and so they can watch themselves say things in the chat box. Nine times out of ten this person is extremely annoying and ends up cock blocking the whole skyping experience.
So I was talking with this hot ass piece of shit, things were getting hot and heavy, you know, the usual, until about ten minutes in my roommate comes up behind me and starts throwing in all these side jokes that were just totally ruining everything. I couldn't get a single word in cuz the dude was back seat skyping. I'll never drive with that dude again.
by kingneptune405 August 28, 2010
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