When the awesome Sky Strife (also know as Cloud and Light by Shem), pranks his friends using memes or whatever joke he has in his aresnal
by Sky stride December 06, 2021
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“Yo wanna facetime?” YEAh Skype it
Imma Skype it when you get home”
by deeemarcooo February 19, 2018
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A common phrase used only by the "smartest intellectuals" who have a learning capacity of that of a 5 year old when they want to call someone on Skype.
Me: *says nothing while online on Skype*
"Intellectual": SkYpE mE nOw
Me: no i can't, i'm busy
"Intellectual": SkYpE mE nOw
Me: I just fucking said i can't
"Intellectual": aRe We FrIeNdS
by SheepSugary December 12, 2019
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A skype orgy is where your invited to a massive conversation on skype. More over this is where instead of having hot sweaty sex with multiple people, your having a hot sweaty debate to get your point across.
Daniel exclaimed how exhausted he was after his first skype orgy.
by 48091341780432 April 10, 2014
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This individual uses Skype or other videophone technology to relay live footage to a home viewer of sporting events, movies, or other live pay-per-view performances.
Bevis: Do you see that Skype Pirate over there in section 203?

Donnie: Oh yeah, that guy's date probably ditched him.
by juancho September 04, 2014
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To have a party on two ends of a sky conversations, where there are multiple friends on each camera drinking and partying.
Hey what are you doing tonight? "drinking at our place, you?" Oh really!? We are doing the same, lets Skype Rage!
by MZ1205 February 02, 2011
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