An internet form of a telephone, which is cool in theory. But it is actually filled with men who speak horrible English and ask for naked pictures and want to have phone sex.
"Aloe eez yoo an lesbain? yoo eez on they skype!"

"No, I'm not a lesbian. Please stop calling me, there are children in the room."
by Sanitized July 28, 2008
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to be skipped out on money that is rightfully yours
The merchant skyped me out of my change.
by Wxwxx June 25, 2007
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the antichrist!
skype is another evil company like google. everybody uses it, everybody likes it, everybody gets observed. if you have skype on your computer, it's not your computer anymore but skypes computer. they can see what you write in your chats and they can hear what you say in your calls. they know where you live, the know who you are, they know your interests and if they wanted to fuck you up, they could do it easily.
BUT, skype is also a very handy programm and as long as you dont try shit like h4x1ng the pentagon nothing will happen to you.
normal guy: yesterday i downloaded skype and called my sister in europe for free. skype sure is handy.

slightly schizophrenic guy: oh god... another one lost
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Where you can talk to anyone unless you change the settings.๐Ÿ’“
by VictoriaCrown1 March 09, 2018
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Derogatory term for a person with red hair.
A pseudo-racial slur.

Originally from the Latin: scipe, meaning to have red hair and be developmentally delayed. Springing from early skirmishes between the Gallic forces with red hair and the Romans who were unaccustomed to laying the beatdown on such poor troops.
"Hey you! Ya You! Ya dirty skype, get the hell offa ma porch!"

"Get your patchouli skype ass outta my store!"
by Trank Razzle April 26, 2004
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