Probable the most popular instant messaging program, Skype has many features, including games, calls around the world, custom avatars, and conferences.How many businessmen use AIM for important meetings?
Hey, my friend texted me to go on Skype.His friend is going to show me this really cool thing.I just hope it's not a rickroll.
by OhExploitable November 09, 2009
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Kids that hang out outside buildings and smoke cigarettes. They are not good people and are frequently seen outside apartments, shopping malls, department stores and restaurants. They become leeches and do not contribute to society in any way. If you see a skype look at them condescendingly as you walk into the host establishment. Don't worry about the repercussions due to the fact that their lit "lung dart" prevents them from retaliating.
Look at these skypes. They are dumb. (condescending look followed by ducking into the building)
by Bud T. Man October 22, 2007
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Something that exits the body after having digested sustenance.
I had a horrible Skype after eating that extra spicy Chinese last night!

I wasted my time on this Skype; I can't believe it!

Who ever thought of this Skype is a jack-knob.
by aSiMpLeREAList. August 02, 2013
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skype is a great piece of technology made for chatting,videochat and voicechat with your friend.
but sadly has been replace by Discord
person1:are you on skype tonight?
person3:sorry but i use discord
person1:aww that suck
by unrealname2004 October 07, 2018
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A platform at which people can call or directly message each other in groups or in individual conversations. Although it used to be a very largely used platform use has depleted since 2017, as call quality and overall user experience has been below par when compared to other platforms for communication such as Discord.
Penny: John wanna call later on Skype?
John: Sure just message me on there first beforehand.
Penny: Looking forward to it!
via giphy
by ChancetheGuac November 04, 2018
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