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Skype is free Internet telephony
that just works.
Skype is for calling other people on their computers or phones.
Friend: Damn! My phone bills are getting bigger and bigger =/

You: Hey! DL Skype and call via internet! ;)

Friend: Sounds Great :D

You: Yeah, and we can use it as teamspeak too! =)
by w00dy January 16, 2005

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One-rail mass-transit, you can find one in Sydney.
"I'm the best monorail-driver ever!"
-Homer Simpson
by w00dy January 20, 2005

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anytime your eyes are burning after 12am.
You: I think it's enough BF playing for now, my eyes are burning =/
Friend: Well, it is 5am.. Guess its bedtime then...
You: Yes, gdnite :)
Friend: nighty
by w00dy January 16, 2005

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Saturn's largest moon.
You: Did you see the titan-landing?
Friend: Indeed! Wish I was on that spacecraft =/
You: I dont think so, long trip :P + it is too small for a human and it froze after 2 hours on the ground. Sorry m8..
Friend: Never mind...
You: :P
by w00dy January 16, 2005

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Laughing Myself To Tears.
Used when something is so extremely funny that you acctually is laughing yourself to tears, otherwise use LOL or LMAO.
Friend: *tells something extremely funny*
You: LMTT!
by w00dy December 30, 2004

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Be Back After Meal. Use when you are about to eat something away from the computer.
You: Im hungry..
Friend: ok...
Friend: whatev..
by w00dy January 16, 2005

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definition of logic:

all men are mortal;
socrates is a man;
hence, socrates is mortal
Men x Mortality = Men
Socrates x Men = Socrates
Socrates x Mortality = Socrates
by w00dy February 07, 2005

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