a word to describe christians god and jesus, mostly used when christians are being racist, homophobic, transphobic and basically a trashy human being.
ex: 1 “well my god says being gay is a sin”
“stfu no one cares what your sky daddy said”

ex: 2 *someone makes a vid about how christians are hypocrites*
the comment section: “here before the sky daddy fandom”
by ssamia April 17, 2021
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a term whiny internet atheists use for Gd. These people seem to be everywhere on the internet for some reason, and will usually show up when no one asks them to.
Christian: I believe in a Higher power.

by LOOWEGGIE November 7, 2022
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A derogitory term for God, coined by Guthrie Devine
"I will pray for you to see the light"

"How about you actually try and provide an arguement to support your possition, instead of asking your magical sky daddy to brainwash me?"
by BrokenEye3 April 8, 2010
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Sky daddy is my lord when it rains he is pissing holy piss down on us. He is my holy lord and he will forever be in all our hearts ♥️
by Pisskink789 July 20, 2021
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A sex position involving two partners, One partner is on the roof and will attempt to drop a dildo into the chosen orifice of the second partner.
Me and my girlfriend tried the Sky Daddy position, hurt more than expected.
by Alusious December 18, 2020
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Sky daddy is a term for god, typically used in slang. Usually people will use the term as a joke, or the term could be used serious. Do not use the term in an offensive way unless you want trouble
Have you prayed recently to our very own sky daddy?
by Darequan March 31, 2018
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