that one person who doesn't wear makeup yet still look flawless because of Mario badescu and lush
person 1 "yo why you look so good"

person 2 "because of my skincare routine"
by omgbrookeansermelookwaituntil February 16, 2020
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a person who loves skincare, a little too much
oh my god, Victoria is such a skincare hoe. she owns every product out there!
by estheticianforlife January 08, 2018
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When someone has clear ass skin. The person who receives the sentence doesnt have to have a skincare routine and doesnt have to actually share the skincare routine as it can be meant as a compliment as well.
"Drop your skincare routine king, it's glowing"

"Wow Hannah's skin is gorgeous today. She should drop her skincare routine"
by _nobody.important_ October 28, 2020
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Be my skincare is a term used to ask someone to cum/ejaculate on your face. Sperm has proven to be an excellent skincarestep, as it helped many people to achieve clear(er) skin.
Rico, be my skincare please.
by Hassienacas July 04, 2021
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