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See it once and do not quote it ever. You will enjoy the movie and no one will punch you in the mouth for overquoating this fine piece of $23 dollar cinema.

Also, a note to anyone who says this is the best low-budget movie ever: Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. Go see it. It cost 4.46 to make.
Do not quote this movie in public, for all our sakes.
by 187 March 20, 2005
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Slang term for heavy drugs
Can i buy some candy?
by 187 April 5, 2003
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and slang term for "whats happining?", "how are we going to do this?", ect.
yo hows this going down
by 187 April 5, 2003
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to give smaller than the correct amount
fuckin bitch skimped me on that 8th, shit only weights 2.9 on the digi
by 187 October 27, 2003
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some one who is smooth, nice, gental.
"the shot was slick."
by 187 April 7, 2003
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The slang meaning is, to Cut a person or thing
"I'll Slice Your Neck!"
by 187 April 7, 2003
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