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a person who is visually challenging to other people
she is so ugly her mama had to tie a pork chop around her neck when she was little, so the dog would play with her.

she's so ugly she's got a face like a bulldog licking the piss off a nettle.
by dusty January 14, 2004
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To give less than is expected.
The cafeteria skimps out and gives me a lame spork.
by Dusty April 12, 2005
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Are You F"n Kidding Me?
The final score was 63-17?

by Dusty February 28, 2005
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Abbreviation for "The Best Damn Band In The Land," a nickname for Ohio State University's marching band.
Did you see tbdbitl at the game last Saturday?
by Dusty November 12, 2004
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the world's greatest soda company with unusual flavors like blue bubble bum, chocolate fudge, and turkey gravy.
jones soda co. is the best
by dusty August 07, 2004
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a kick-ass band from finland (yes finland) whose first two singles have been made into flash music videos and can be seen at lodger.tv. as of now, july 14 2004, their album, hi-fi high lights down low, is not in america yet
have you heard lodger's new song?
who's lodger?
oh, right
by dusty July 14, 2004
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back in 1985, it was meant to replace coca-cola classic. although people liked it and thought it was a better taste, they were still deprived from the great classic. The new coke phase only lasted 2 months. After that, coca-cola classic was reproduced alongside new coke. in 1989 it was renamed coke 2 and in 1990 it ceised production. considered by most as the edsel of the '80s
With this "new coke" replacement, you have separated me from my only love in this world
by dusty August 07, 2004
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