To complete dominate in life, by being a boss and taking what you want.
Jeffery came to work one day at Enron had made a Skilling.
by unknownsenses February 11, 2015
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When a white collar inmate has to take two hot meat injections simultanously because his co-conspirator dies of a heart attack before his sentence.
Upon entering Cell Block "C" I observed two muscular inmates skilling the hell out of a third flabby accountant-looking inmate
by fatchick July 5, 2006
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Playing (usually a computer game) at a level that is considered above average or masterful; overcoming your opponent with great skill that is not neccessarily always characteristic. It is similar to a state such as "being in the zone" or having a higher sense of awareness, reaction, accuracy, or speed.
Steven: Wow, Bob, you played really well last game!

Bob: You know you can't touch me when I'm mad skillin', biatch!
by Thrizzle February 6, 2004
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1. Abilities.

Often, "skillz" or "5k1LLz."

Used to announce profiency in something; for example, 13375P34K. "leetspeak"
"ph34r |\/|41 1337 5K1LLz!"

Translation: "Marvel at my wonderful abilities."
by Lady Chevalier August 2, 2003
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When you win, own, or beast something that requires skill.
Me: Yo, that fucking social studies test was so hard. But i skilled it!

Roxie: Oh shit.. I failed that.. Fuck it.
by skilleddassbitch October 1, 2011
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A word used by schoolkids from the 1970's to show their extreme joy at doing something impressive.

Normally used by holding both thumbs up (a la The Fonz in Happy Days) and saying "Skill!" with a big cheesey grin.
"That wheelie I just popped on my Raleigh Chopper was skill!"

"I've just cleared the 128th screen on Pacman! Skill!"
by Mr.T, I pity da fool! October 13, 2004
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Talent or ability. Something employers do NOT want in a candidate. They want youth and perhaps an attractive appearance.
I spent 25 years developing my job skills, and can't find a job. The bosses only want inexperienced doofuses right out of college.
by Tuna Wanda May 26, 2005
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