Randy and Paula.

plural of doofus
A couple of doofuses on that show American Idol keep saying "pitchy" like it is a real word.
by Ken from Conn April 28, 2005
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Plural of Doofus. People who think their ignorance is something to be proud of.
by Wasilla Jane July 25, 2009
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1. To become a doofus
Billy felt doofusized after he bought a video studio for too much money.
by DoofusDrive October 08, 2020
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The overall actions of one or a group who continually acts like a doofus or doofi.
John is so full of doofusness, he keeps sticking his tongue on that frozen lamp post.
by Bro Rich September 26, 2006
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The philosophy of the Doofus. The doofus generally believes in the power of dooflessness. Doofusses were either A.) Dropped on their heads as children and haven't been able to get that moronic grin off their faces since, or B.) Become actual Dukes of Doofusism and immediately discover that "you don't want to be a Duke of Doofusism." (It involves an initiation ceremony of stretching, cutting, probing and other rather orifice exposing actions. No you don't want to be a Duke of Doofusism, indeed!) The Doofus believes in the magic of the doofus laugh. Although the classic doofus laugh is sincerely enjoyed by the doofus, it sounds like "high-fidelity peckerwood shit" to anyone with any cool at all.
Doofusism is different than most religions. For example, while Catholicism is the church of perpetual guilt. Doofuscism is the church of eternal chuckling at your own jokes (God knows, no one else will).
by the pro from dover July 29, 2010
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