Three shots that are taken back-to-back-to-back; three alcoholic shots taken in succession.
I lost the bet so Mark made me take a cell block (3 shots in a row).
by Chopsooey October 10, 2020
A housing unit in the prison.

Where you live after some shit goes down.

Many but holes get tapped up In the cell block
I was up in the cell block throwing dice son with my homie Colm.

Don't black Dave's ass look all good up in the cell block?
by Captainpoon January 6, 2014
Used to house the most violent criminals in Alcatraz
Yo, my boi just got 30 to life fo a crime he dint commit. Dem pigz sent him to Cell block D.
by mike d November 14, 2018
A screamo/crap band out of Markham Ontario. They have a fan base in Markham because the music scene in Markham is mostly into crap bands like Cell Block Theory.

Some even claim it to be a cluster of sound mixed together sounding much like someone ripping a huge fart.
What's funnier? Watching Hard Gay Video's on youtube or Cell Block Theory Video's?
by fuck you357434 November 16, 2008
A term used for a prisoner in a cell block who will readily spin around and bend over in exchange for commissary or protection.
Anthony survived being locked up by becoming a cell block spinner.
by LtDan1974 April 3, 2019
A condition that occurs after you call a girl and find that she has blocked your number, leaving you in a state of unbelief. This usually happens due to the girl labeling you as a stalker or creeper.
Guy 1: "Dude, I'm totally into this girl!"

Guy 2: "Does she even like you?"

Guy 1: "Yeah bro, we text each other all the time. I'll call her and prove it!"

Cell: "The number you have dialed has call restrictions that have prevented your call."

Guy 1: Silent

Guy 2: "Talk to me man! You're going into cell block shock!"
by DeltaGuy January 9, 2010
Wrapping you dick in a pillow case or bed sheet in a vain attempt to prevent receiving a STI when you rape some one in the ass, in prison.
Do you hear, Greg gave Pedro a Cell Block Burrito

Did he still get Aids?

by WhoaYeah1313 December 23, 2009