cheesey is like wack in a dramatic, corny way!
goddamn, this lovesong iz so fuckin' cheesey!
by -juw- June 7, 2006
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Used to discribe people who are overdone. Often refers to wiggers.
Look at that guy, he's so cheesey
i know, he looks like an mchammer wannabe
by Gorgeous Me February 22, 2005
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Like a creampie, but an anal version. The act of inserting one's penis into a woman (or man's) anus, and busting the mother of all nuts inside.
"D: I totally gave Hillary a cheesey last night. It took her half an hour pushing that stuff out."
"Q: Damn fam, that seed must've been planted deep."
"D: Yep. She won't be walking straight for a while."
by Sebastian Wolfe March 23, 2017
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someone who is constantly angry about nothing and is made out of cheese. However, despite their appearance, cheesey beasts are known to be huge fans of the ladies and are exeptional dancers.
"Wow, look at stephen, he's such a cheesey beast!"

"I wish I could be that much of a cheesey beast. I'd get all the ladies."
by Wilk Dogg January 14, 2009
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You are jacking off while your girl is asleep. As soon as she hits R.E.M.sleep and starts to snore you jam your rod down her throat and cheese off she then wakes up weezing.Some definitions include a donkey punch and forcing the weezer to make them a grilled cheese sandwhich. Also known as cheezing the Breather or gargling the cheddar.
Dude, I came home from work last night and saw the delivery boy giving my wife a Cheesey Weezer.
by Frankie Satin March 12, 2008
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an apple with a single slice of american cheese microwaved for exactly 45 seconds
by dankswagportions June 13, 2018
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Receiving fellatio while eating Domino's Cheesey Bread. This act is usually performed by a cock mongler.
Kristen gave her boyfriend cheesey head on his 20th birthday.
by justin 5p January 5, 2009
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