A man who is usually a jokester makes people laugh, and someove who so many people look forward to seeing each day
by the_kingdisciple November 25, 2018
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A very cunning and heroic person. Most people aspire to be like them or close to them as friends. Known to be thought as sexy in secret by people, oblivious to their thought.
I wonder what Raleigh’s doing today.

Raleigh has some nice abs.
by Ksastro May 30, 2020
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Burgeoning city in the decades long change from sleepy state capital to multi-cultural hub. You'll get good ole country folk in the store or restuarant with folks who came from overseas to study at the local universities or work at RTP. And ya'd better pick a team, be it UNC, NC State, or Dook (preferably one of the first two). We're still adapting to all the folks moving in from up North, and they're welcome so long as they don't tell us how to run things. From the 'burbs to the re-emerging entertainment and retail scene downtown, Raleigh has a lot to offer.
Anne: Why, thank you so much for helping us move in to this lovely home. It was just precious of you.
Elizabeth: Welcome to Raleigh. It would just be un-Southern not to be polite!
by MagnoliaNC April 25, 2011
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Raleigh is a bull in the bed and will leave you after every kiss speechless
Well shit, Raleigh is going to get her.
by Sam I Am 420 November 5, 2019
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He is just the greatest. he is a good arm wrestler, he is smart, a cat lover, and best of all, he will be there for you every chance he gets. he is a fair person, he doesn’t care too much about your past as long as you are a good person now. Raleigh is down to go for boba even tho he isn’t a big fan but as long as he gets to hang out with ppl he likes and cares about, he’s all good
literally everyone: “Raleigh, ur the best
by wannabe cutie November 25, 2019
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A girl or boy that has a jumpy personality, funny, brown haired. Can be sad a lot of the times but is easy to chear up. Very athletic, and will make you laugh, cry, and love. You’ll never regret to befriend them. Give them a chance
Guy: Raleigh talks a lot but she’s kind of hot
Girl: she’s so nice just get to know her she’ll quiet down
by Cowboys ** April 12, 2019
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A Raleigh. It is a very intelligent creature , who is highly equipped. They're also humorous and have a sly and perverted sense of humor. Might i add that they are extremely good looking , most of the time containing jew fros and large black-person lips. From the jacked abs and arms to the donk you will find this species to severly seductive. They are also the C.E.O and Boss of your mom , therefore beating A Jordan. Most of the time Raleigh's are dangerously uncoordinated and tend to make varying mistakes with there footwork and end up on their big ass. But most people find this adorable and/or cute. Which a Raleigh is. Being the cuddly and furry little sloths that they are , most tall girls whom of which are brunette like to keep them as their loving and loyal pets. Raleighs are also sweet adoring animals that are easy to love and tend to have an alluring atmosphere that is nearly impossible to escape but that's a good thing because Raleighs are the Shit. Concluding Raleighs are pretty legit , and hot , and cool , and loquacious , and they're sexy.
Girl : Woah , What was that?
Guy : That was a Raleigh.
Girl : Imma go get some
by Shelly Woodsham January 30, 2011
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