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Script Kiddie.
A person that uses other peoples code for things such as mIRC Botnets, Or Exploits. Someone who gives No Credit to the maker of The code he stole. Or someone that is just a total n00b that knows nothing about anything that thinks he knows everything about everything.
nopic: Ill ddos you with my leet botnet i made!
Xthar: You mean you will ddos me with the leet botnet Someone ealse coded and you compiled


Adam591: i will use a cookie stealer on you that i made
Xthar: You are a stupid Skiddie for using a cookie stealer.
by Xthar October 19, 2006

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A shorter term for Hack it can be used many ways but mainley in computer games,mIRC,msn,yahoo,aim ect as in a example below
<bob> i need hax for this game
<bob> tell me where to get hax so i can hax this guy
by Xthar November 13, 2005

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