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The saying of 'hello' according to Crystal for The Urbz: Sims in the City.
*Walks down to Police Station*
Crystal: DIDA!
by Hi, How Are You? September 17, 2010
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Nelson de Jesus Silva, "Dida" is a Brazilian goalkeeper who was in the 1998, 2002, and 2006 World Cup
Dida saves another penalty! Just like Taffarel!
by Pro Hexa! July 21, 2006
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Someone who is an utter twat. Stupid beyond belief.

This orignates from the GCSE course DiDA which pupils absolutely hate. Therefore, the insult DiDA was made to compare the person described as the most tedious and boring ICT course in the world.
Molly, Zoey, Charlotte, Shauna you guys are such a DiDAs.
by aidahatergrrr November 06, 2009
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Dedicated Intergrated Dick Acquiring System, or the name of the very well known god of the universe. Its said he shat out all the planets and his asshole became what we know as the big bang.
Did you buy that new didas system im having a hard time finding a proper size penis. Didas bless America
by didadisciple November 10, 2018
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