to be freaked out, weirded out, revolted by or generally turned-off by something or someone
I was completely skeeved by his deformed cock.
by enitsirk January 28, 2003
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Grossed out, disgusted, to get a sketchy feeling about a situation. Originates from the Italian word "schifo" which means disgust.
"The Italian men whistling at Ally skeeved us to the point that we left the piazza"
by N. Giuliano March 21, 2006
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(verb) to gross out; to digust; to make your skin crawl, sometimes with undertones of sexual deviance/perversion
It really skeeved me out when he ate the gummy bear off the floor in the movie theater.
Twenty-year-old guys who date girls too young to drive really skeeve me out.
by puma-cat July 8, 2005
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verb 1. to cause disgust (in someone). 2. +that: to be disgusted by (something)

From Italian schifo (pron. 'skI:fo
1. Seeing guys spit on the sidewalk skeeves me. 2. Guys putting their hands all over you, I skeeve that.
by mrRhum September 8, 2004
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An act upon which a friend, family member, or in some cases a stranger will ask if they can steal a bit of your food, drink, cigarette, joint, etc.
"Oi m8, lets skeev a bit of that spliff"

"Safe bruv, just gonna skeev a couple m&m's, that bless ye?"

"Did you see Dave last night skeev all of that orange squash?"
"Ye m8 he's a propa skeevy jew."
by skeever69 February 10, 2017
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1) A sketchy character

2) Someone with a lack of morals

3) A sheisty motherfucker
Creighton you skeev, you said you'd stay if I did a Spyda Dunk.
by bogart February 4, 2005
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Doing something Skeevy, or giving someone the Skeeves i.e. something creepy or gross.
He was totally skeeving on her facebook pictures.

Staring at someone while touching yourself.
by Eric B 4 Pres May 18, 2009
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