n. An awesome individual. Generally held in very high esteem and are good at nearly everything they do. Creighton's are considered to be well endowed and often experience large amounts of success with the opposite sex, never the same sex. Because of the large amounts of success and the many friends that Creighton's develop, they are often gain more 'haters' than any other group of people. These haters often try to downplay the greatness of a Creighton by deeming him 'annoying' or 'nerdy'. Despite this large pool of 'haters' Creighton's have a much larger pool of allies than those 'f-off haters'.
Is that a Creighton?

I hate him.
I wish I was him.
Me too.

Creighton is just such a cool guy, lets give him a call.
by 13248670 September 24, 2010
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Creighton is a kind hearted guy, who everyone wishes they were friends with. Creighton is a very outgoing guy, but once you get to know him he is very sweet and sentimental. He is a mama’s boy and values family and close friends. It’s hard to read a Creighton but if you have your one in a million. Any girl would be lucky to have a Creighton.
Girl #1: OMG, that Creighton guy is soooo hot
Girl #2: Yeah, well good luck he’s hard to get and has got a girl that really knows him.
by Haisbejebsheve September 23, 2019
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Not all Creighton's are made equal. The male Creighton is an enigma. His lack of social skills are scary. How did he make it in life thus far? He is rich or powerful, but you wouldn't know that. He dresses nerdy and acts nerdier. He questions and challenges everyone's opinion's, especially his wife. He attracts nymphomaniacs or sexually deviant women. Sex is just another sport for him. When is isn't busy in bed, he enjoys his kingly meals. Despite his nerdy nature, he can mask his weirdness by laughing at people's jokes to put them at ease. Of course, he is judging the minions around him. If he ever happens to give a compliment, snatch it up and hold on to it for dear life.

Creighton's obsession with being a know-it-all ended his last relationship. He is also not good with secrets so don't tell him anything personal or criminal. He's only going to judge you and then you're doomed for a maximum prison sentence. He has influential friends who are more than likely politicians, but he's not the type to bail you out.

If you are really lonely and/or have time to kill, you are safer reading a book or watching the grass grow. Avoid this man.
Creighton is an enigma
by midlifewife August 7, 2018
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Some one annoying, they usually have no friends because they are annoying. They also give the punishment but can't take it. They tend to also be very stuck up.
Some Guy-ZOMG that idiot is being such a creighton, what a stuck up and annoying turd.

The Creighton-Hey shut up tard

Some Guy-Go play with your friends

The Creighton-*Silence*
by Earthican October 5, 2007
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Creightons are nerdy nerds who sit and play their nerdy computer games while listening to nerdy music and thinking about nerdy girls.
Girl 1 : Look at that kid over there, hes cute
Girl 2 : You did not just say that honey, thats a Creighton.
Girl 1 : OMFG.
by shaBAMalex August 23, 2008
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A self-righteous douchebag who's only in it for the pot. Traditionally brags about playing guitar but thinks "telecaster" is a brand of condom
Person 1: Did you see creighton out there?

Person2: Yeah he's such a self-righteous douche bag

Person 3: He can't even play guitar!
by JunkHunk May 10, 2017
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