A word very common to Worcester, MA into the 1960's, maybe even used today. It's the porch on a three story house (a three decker). I lived in a three decker house and had a back porch and a front piazza.
The family would go out on the "piazza" on hot or rainy days to get out of the house.
by jimmy ex-worcester August 27, 2007
He's such a piazza!
by Magda91 March 25, 2023
A catcher for the New York Yankees, presumed to be gay. Possibly referenced in the song "Piazza, New York Catcher" by Belle and Sebastian.
From the song: "Piazza, New York Catcher, are you straight or are you gay?"

In general: "Hey did you hear about Mike Piazza? He said he's not gay, but I bet he is."
by fakeeflwor December 11, 2009
Baseball Catcher
Born in Norristown, Pennsylvania September 4, 1968
Played for LA Dodgers, Florida Marlins (five days) and NY Mets
Married playmate/actress Alicia Rickter (January 9, 2005)
He was drafted dead last and went on to become baseball's highest paid player.
He ranked #50 in Forbes Power List (2000).
Ted Williams visited his house when he was a teenager and taught him how to hit in Mike's backyard.

He has perfectly groomed facial hair.
He's afraid of Roger Clemens.
He bleached his hair blonde for no good reason.
He appears in Claridin and 10-10-220 commercials.
He is often accused of being gay, which he denies.
Mike Piazza is the best hitting catcher of all time. He can't throw out runners for shit though.
by ~~>KD<~~ September 2, 2005
This fat cunt his so god damn dumb he threw a rock at the ground and missed. He has failed high school and dropped out of kindergarden at age 12 cause he was so cool. He now lives a life of smoking grass and ferns
Michael Piazza is a gay nigger
by Michael Piazza October 31, 2017
Someone who is extremely gay. So gay in fact, that he is "the best catcher of all time."
Wow, look at that guy grinding his ass against that other guy! He has some real talent, I bet later tonight he'll be a real Mike Piazza!
by dannyretlaps August 18, 2018
Best place to hangout every saturday, you can find it only if you're drunk as fuck. A place that is missing and needs to be found.
Where are you going Douchey? You look too drunk
I know, I am trying to find Piazza Pogli
by Leviathan480 October 3, 2021