24 definitions by bogart

Inner-city individual, not neccessarily a criminal or gang member, but someone influential, with street cred, and in general desirable socially. Comes from the 60's nick-name for young black panthers(a politically-minded para-military organization) movement members.
James takes care of his friends & family, he knows all the right people to talk to when they get themselves in trouble...he's a soldier.
by bogart December 23, 2004
An extremely large marijuana cigarette. Rolled to perfection.
Dude, I just rolled the nicest Kanter, lets get high.
by bogart April 13, 2005
noise made when two fat people have sex in space... or in zero gravity.... fat colliding with fat
* ok now i'm tired, i think i'll make a sandwitch.
by bogart March 7, 2005
affectionate term used when ever... preferably screamed at the top of ones lungs. anyone named eric, is reffered to as oh billy.
*OH Billy!
- where have you been all my life
* in your bum bum.
by bogart March 9, 2005
the act of pulling out ones penis and slapping a teacher, or substitute teacher in the face... then tea-bagging them... named after john dove, at Alamogordo High
* now children, do you're homework
- i'll give you a dirty john if you don't shut up.
by bogart March 9, 2005
when two women, a donkey, beer and/or mixed drinks are combimed... usualy with a croud present, and durring or immediatly after a cockfight.... the rest is up to the individuals imagination
oh man, i went to mexico and saw an aeol... it wasn't nearly as good as the one in sweden though.
by bogart March 7, 2005