usaually used when someone says or does something rididcoulous and it is as if to say ok whatever or you keep on doing that you fool
black guy: i get all the white girls
white girl: skeen
by young bless May 5, 2011
another way to say " i see " you can also use "seen" as well, but " skeen" is used by the more gangster people.
so you goin 2 that shrubs 2nite? oh skeen
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
1) Acknowledgement of a comment somebody has made.

2) A sarcastic reply, suggesting that you don't care about what somebody has just said to you.

Not used by |GHETTO PEOPLE|; but by SOME youths in the Soth East London region
Skeen, Seen, kool, alright, whatever etc.
by = ] June 25, 2007
skeen simply means i see.
or okay then
person one: "that chick likes me"
person two: skeen
by Jaybaz April 5, 2008
meanz oh right, understood. used by bad boiz n gangtaz
sum ppl say seen wich iz da same ting
McKenzie: wotz wagwanin?
McFiddy:flexin ma bitch ya get me?
McKenzie:o skeen
by jehhh January 2, 2004
Another way of saying "seen". Way of acknowledgement.
Probably comes from some idiot typing "scene" instead of "seen" to his friend, and when that idiot read it, he pronounced it "skeen? Skeeeeen".
Tyrese: What ya doing this weekend?
Carlton: Having a bud, watching the game.
Tyrese: Skeen.
by Sexual_Chocolate August 26, 2006
Person 1: my name is Billy
Person 2: Skeen, I'm Nick
by Nick Mason December 23, 2003