A cross between a 'Soft boy' and a 'Goth'
My spotify playlist has Bela Lugosi's Dead right after Viceroy by Mac DeMarco I'm such a 'Soth'.
by Prikc March 25, 2018
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If one is to use the urban dictinary to make fun of anothe user of the same IM or forum; If one is to show great egotism; If one is to be so opinionated to another's personality that he/she is a complete ass to that person
He sothed everyone here; Man I've been Sothed
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
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A form of complaining about one's own particular body parts.
"female called stated she needed an ambulance an hug up sothing about her leg
by DispatchHell November 10, 2018
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