tyrese is a very smart boy who doesn't care what other individuals think about him . He is talented ,a gentleman , caring ,loving,loyal and a very handsome guy the type of guy u won't find in the world now
Tyrese is a example of a gentleman
by Ty_ty_ March 14, 2017
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He's amazing and perfect every way. He tries so hard to make people happy but doesn't make sure he is himself. His life is difficult but he's strong and brave and gets through it. Tyrese is funny and smart. I've never heard him fail a subject. He also loves drama which helps him fake his broken smile. He is great to talk to at 3:30 in the morning, the conversations always get really interesting. It's fun. Tyrese can be very energetic, he fills in the silence with laughter and can always make people laugh even if they are upset.
Tyrese is amazing <3
by Squidddy :) May 29, 2021
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A smart guy who don't care what an individual thinks of him & is big on loyalty.
Why can't I be like TYRESE?
by Unknown1243 December 23, 2016
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He is so beautiful and loyal.He respects everyone if u respect him.If anyone is in trouble he will help and beat the bully
Girl:Have u seen tyrese?

Girl:Oh Yh that handsome boy, but no I haven’t

by Tyethelol June 11, 2019
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A sexy black boy, generally from east and has a big ****, likes lightskin girls and has nice hair.
by thetruthonly September 12, 2017
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A smart intelligent young male\pupil, who's goal in life is to succeed. Tyrese usually predicts bad things before it occurs.
That boy is such a Tyrese!
Tyrese said that!
by Kendalle Alexander March 6, 2018
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Tyrese: A very mature humble leader wise beyond his years In search for universal harmony within life and understanding of nature and philosophical principles upon which life is based and is very loving compassionate and in quest of infinite wisdom and impending positivity
Tyrese is an matur humble young Male leader wise beyond his years
by Thewiseone369 May 1, 2019
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